Why Did I Create this App?

Human behavior flows from three main sources: desire, emotion, and knowledge. -Plato


Over a decade ago, I injured my spinal cord from the result of rogue surf. While I fought to sustain life and maximize my recovery, it was the darkest of hours for my family and friends, who spent sleepless nights searching for any treatment that could reduce the level of paralysis, pain, or severity of the injury.

Very little information existed and any information that did was for the privileged and few. Years later I found out that there was a trial. However, despite initial success- the research was abandoned due to lack of funding and recruitment.

Today, there still exists NO treatment for chronic spinal cord injury. The prescription is a wheelchair.


Years of dedication through writing editorials, lobbying Congress and actively engaging in scientific inquiry have led me to new connections and frontiers in the never-ending human desire to be whole.

My goal is to connect potential treatment opportunities to patients. I wanted to create a place where families and those who experience injuries can locate available research.

The train is moving. The science is not complete, yet it is rolling down the tracks and I feel it is my duty to make this information accessible.


If you have knowledge, let others light their candles in it. -Margaret Fuller

In this moment, we live in a brighter world than the day I was injured. There are multiple clinical trials going on throughout the world. However, there are not nearly enough trials and funds. The complexity of neurological regeneration is beyond words. In order to make the future promising, people need to participate.

Families living with spinal cord injury understand the seriousness of this chronic condition and the need for capital, participation and awareness.

This Internet application will help recruit patients, assist scientists and clinicians increase the speed of their trials and provide patients the knowledge to get back on the train.

The true method of knowledge is experiment. - William Blake

What Trials Are Selected and Why?

This map is a curated list of current trials listed on clinicaltrials.gov.  The trials are ongoing, human-centered and each aim at effective treatments for a variety of complications from spinal cord injury, while others aim at full restoration of the spinal tract

This list has been painstakingly compiled by the U2FP’s Special Projects Director, Donna Sullivan.

How can I support CureMap?

If you found this application useful, I would greatly and unapologetically accept support. Comments and feedback are greatly appreciated and welcomed. Email chsouthard @ gmail.com

How can I become a sponsor?

Sponsorships available for companies looking to be featured in the Featured Treatment Section. Email chsouthard @ gmail.com